Brain tumor removed from tiny goldfish




What were his initial symptoms? Memory loss?


Totally didn’t just nip out the back and buy a similar looking new fish from the pet shop.


No, he kept complaining about a smell of burnt rubber.


Apparently it went “swimmingly” … BBC’s pun, not mine.



Wait…goldfish can live for more than three days?




Ya, it’s a big step function – either days/weeks or decades.

I recall those carnival ones in colored water that one could win by tossing a ping pong ball in the bowl; 99.9% died within a week – the 0.1% that didn’t went on forever.


Perhaps George just had a few Oranda genes in his family tree.


Interesting - I knew from reading my Blaylock that carp never die of natural causes, of course…but Goldfish? Huh


How is this not linking to The Onion??


Goldfish are members of the Cyprinidae as are carp. In fact, goldfish (Carassius auratus) can even interbreed with carp.


If that’s the case, then “It’s not a tumah”.


Is it Lupus?


Kind of like dogs and wolves! Except when you throw a stick your goldfish just sits there, opening and closing his mouth.


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