Goldfish drives a car




Always had a pretty low opinion of tiny little fishtanks until now.

But this is pretty much pure awesome


Well Ive been wondering how that Google car thing worked.


Survival Research Laboratories made a giant robot that was driven by a hamster, or similar, many years ago. Does anyone remember this? I can't find any accounts of it online, but it's in one of their performance videos.


Next phase:


I, for one, welcome our new aquatic overlords.


They need to train it to navigate to a feeding station.


"Goldfish only have a memory of three seconds...that's why whenever I arrange to meet a goldfish somewhere they never show up, and it's always, 'oh, sorry, I forgot!'"

At the time I heard Craig Ferguson tell that joke I wondered how exactly the goldfish he was supposed to meet were getting around. Now I know.


Help I cannot get away from these rough waters - every time i try it gets worse.

edit: oops - that was supposed to be a generic reply to article not to you in particular.
also it would be interesting to see how things changed if there was more stabilization and less abrupt movement... or even better a current like one of those endless swimming pools and have it rotate with the fish


Next stop... MARS!


no, but there's this:


I guess this puts the old fish-bicycle feminist saw on its last fins.


I've been trying to post the GG goldfish, but have been blocked:


Does the fish even know or care what is going on?


Just remember, all roads lead to the ocean.




... but it still takes an octopus to drive stick.


Wins the Internet!


Precursor to Dr. Wernstrom's reverse scuba suit.


Weekend project - submarine for a parakeet.