Goldfish-driven vehicles reach new heights


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This is the future liberals want.


This is pretty fucking great art piece. I hope later iterations involve infinity-pool-like currents that counter the direction of the goldfish so that its orientation and effort are translated into movement of the base, without the fish actually changing position in the container.


pseudo-intelligent system linking the fish and the machine…

Fish are not even pseudo-intelligent. They are just a mouth with a propulsion system. I can trick them with a rubber worm.


It needs to allow the fish to move in the third dimension.


I’m just saying that before you use that standard for intelligence, consider the fact that a lot of the food in this picture is probably not real, and it still brings people in…

ETA : I don’t mean that in the obnoxious way some people claim food is “not real” unless they’ve personally witnessed it grow out of the ground or come out of an animal. I’m talking about old food photography tricks like shaving cream instead of whipped cream.


I’ve eaten at Bob Evans. I can say with authority that none of it is “real” food.



They’re talking about the system, not the fish.


Simply casting the food out of polymers (often vinyl) is very common. It doesn’t melt under intense lighting and lasts forever…


Bottom line is that we’ve had enormous successes and we will continue to have enormous successes.




Was expecting flying goldfish. So disappoint!


Girl Genius beat you to it!


This is just insanely awesome. And downright hilarious. But off, that write-up from the people who built it! Next time can we have the goldfish write the abstract too?


c’mon darpa, lets get on this


Adult carp are quite wily, actually. So too musky.


Goldfish driven Uber car in 3…2…1…


Fish driving vehicles? Sweet Pickles was way ahead of the curve here.


Don’t see what’s new here. We’ve been putting them in tanks for ages.