Goldfish secrets


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From reading the article i’m not sure that the statement “They were kept for their meat” is true. The undomesticated ancestor of the goldfish certainly was, but it was common practice to re-release fish that had rare bright colors. Which led eventually to selection and domestication of the goldfish as we know it, which is not eaten even in China.


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Goldfish Cocktail

Makes 1 drink

2 ounces dry gin
1 ounce dry vermouth
3/4 ounce Danziger Goldwasser (see Note)


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Number 1 will blow your mind

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Two goldfish in a tank.

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More fun facts about goldfish:

What is sold as goldfish may be bred from a variety of carp species. I had a few as a kid that I am pretty sure were Crucian carp.

The ones breeding in the wild in northern IL look like European (common) carp, and grow huge. I have seen them in the Chicago river in the loop, over a foot long.

A friend of mine sent me a pic of a goldfish which looked to be about three feet long, and about 10 pounds, from a creek in the far west Chicago suburbs.

Chicago every spring has a goldfish fishing tournament to catch all of these released goldfish. I believe it is held in Lincoln park. Not to worry, they weigh them and throw them back.



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My dad loves fish. He has a dozen or so regular gold fish in a small pond, about 3ft in diameter. It is deep enough they survive the winter. Basically hibernating I guess. They get about 8in or so in that sort of pond.

Fun fact - Freddy Mercury had a huge Koi pond and a ton of them.


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