German Shepherds aren't as smart as you think

We had a German Shepherd once; they’re just big, goofy babies.

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Same here.

I don’t know – that looked like a pretty good canine implementation of the scientific method to me. Nice gradual increase of stimuli with frequent pauses to verify there was no response, and proper safety precautions observed.

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Labs are great. Mine’s very “gamma male” and it’s taken no effort at all to train him. When we leave, the bronze scotty dog doorstop becomes his alpha male.

our dog loved the vacuum, because it meant getting vacuum-brushed

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A doe?

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Oh, so the dog, trained by millions of years of evolution to be wary of something that looks like a predator, doesn’t immediately recognise that the tiger is a life-sized fake. I see. How dumb is that dog?

And how dumb are those people who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders because they too are trained by millions of years of evolution to be preoccupied with worst case scenarios and unknown threats?

I am in no way a dog person, but I don’t think I have to be in order to look at this as the very rational behaviour of an animal encountering an unusual and potentially (from the dog’s POV) dangerous situation. Laughing at it doesn’t seem all that different at laughing at any intelligent creature (human or otherwise) encountering an unfamiliar situation with reasonable caution.

It gets both “animal control” and police called for simply existing? This kind of thinking functions as license for genocide. Since it was a stuffed prop, it obviously could not have been actively bothering anyone.

Really. You’re going to go with “life sized”.

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Tigers aren’t all the same size. Big tigers grow from little tigers.

You beat me to typing the exact same point.

Its a BABY tiger. Duh.

Mine hunted plaster yard bunnies, hedgehog boot scrubbers, and garden gnomes.


One of my cats was about 4 years old when we adopted him. He was ok with hopping up on the bed (now he insists on being there and occupying half of it if either of us is there.)

But one time he did that, and there was stuffed tiger on the bed, about cat sized, and he totally freaked. After some initial fright, he went over and checked it, much like this dog did, and eventually decided it was fake, so he reclassified it as a pillow for cats, like any other stuffed animal. None of the others had looked real enough to bother him.

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