German vandals seal train door with bricks. Look how tidy!




These guys have a future!




“My dear Fortunato, you are luckily met. How remarkably well you are looking to-day! But I have received a pipe of what passes for Amontillado, and I have my doubts.”

“How?” said he, “Amontillado? A pipe? Impossible! And in the middle of the carnival…?”


I tried to think of something that referenced that and this situation, but any train related puns I came up with were too poe to use.


I heard most doors are closed to them.


At midnight the subway car unexpectedly became a portal to the Outer Planes. After a harrowing adventure, a small group of maintenance crew members escaped with their lives, most of their sanity, and the realization that the only way to preserve mankind was to brick up the doorway until such time as the interdimensional disturbance passed.

Closer examination of that small round blotch in the right-hand picture will reveal it to be the remains of a warding seal painted in ichor that lasted just long enough to serve its purpose.

I mean, obviously.




My money is on “Art”


Exactly where I went


Pink Floyd fans?



Look how tidy!

Well, it’s not especially tidy, is it. I mean, just look at that mess of filler at the top of the doorway. Sloppy measuring going on there. And they didn’t bother to clear up the excess mortar on the floor either.


Maybe they were…uh…stoned? :confused:



well, man-made rock, anyway.




Sounds like pranks that were (are?) common at caltech. This is why you can’t let smart engineers get bored.


Roger Waters’ private car.


Sure, why not use ethnic slurs. What’s next? Jewizing? Chinesing? Haven’t the Vandals been through enough?