Train door snaps shut


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The best part is when it opens and the Stormtrooper bonks his head on it.


My boss has the same kind of office door, especially when you want a raise.


That was my immediate thought – wow, a pneumatically operated door from the Star Wars universe.


Do the BoingBoing bbs topics close as fast?

I guess I’ll have to set a timer and find out.


It beeped 3 times. Plenty of warning. You want your trains to run on time, you got to keep people from slowing it down by preventing the doors from closing.



The article offered little explanation, so when the video started with a 60-second ad, I just closed the page.

Then I thought of providing this feedback and fired it up again; the door snaps shut at the 20 second mark. That’s 3:1 ad to content. Even with the 9 seconds of dead time at the end, it’s over 2:1.

Are others not getting the ad in front?


I got a :30


I go lucky: no timed ad, just a not-very-small banner at the bottom.


where the subtitles would normally go.


wth dont you use an adblocker? I didnt get an ad


Trump looks better without the combover.


Actually, the only important part of the video is from 0:18-0:19, giving us a 60:1 ad-to-content ratio…

(My ad was only 15 seconds, but it was for a very sketchy/scammy mapping app…)


The subway (metro) trains in paris used to do the same or even faster long long ago. I was told that the previous (then, long ago) model of subway cars had hooks at the outside of the door which fell into place when the door snapped shut and were opened at each station by a subway employee walking along the train releasing all the hooks.

The newer models had pneumatic locking doors but they kept the guillotine mode for a long time for some reason.


Try the DC Metro, those doors will take your arm off.


It’s to make up for Safetrack. Just because we have scheduled delays doen’t mean that we can’t enjoy unscheduled delays as well.


In my early 20’s dashing for a bus in the underground station at the Arndale Centre in Manchester, I had a free ride for a bit.

The timing was perfect, the driver must have been checking to the right and closed the doors whilst stepping on the gas.

I had jumped on and grabbed the centre bar before it had moved and was tightly gripped by the door, there are three turns in the dark before the exit ramp to the street and when he checked for traffic to his left he spotted me hanging on.

Actually slammed the brakes on quite hard considering I was where I was and a good thing it wasn’t tinted glass!


I got the ad on the front and then the video never played.


I had a bus driver close a door on my face as I was backing off the lower step to wait for the next bus – like he’d insisted I do. It hurt.

At least the doors in the video aren’t angled. The ones in the London Underground that give a false sense of being safely inside the train until they start to close and you realise your head isn’t quite included – those ones caused me a lot of anxiety.