Get a 12-pack of small tubes of toothpaste for air travel

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Cruise Ships supply toothpaste in a sachet instead of tubes.
For hotels, often the suppliers sell at cost or give the samples to lure customers to change brands. Toothpaste, however, has very strong brand loyalty.

I get these from my dentists several times a year which is enough for the amount of travel I do now.
They are not the best thing for the planet, though. I have always thought it would be nice for someone who is smart with 3D printing to create a simple mini-tube to full tube adapter so we could refill these guys from a big tube (I guess if I really wanted to I could make this by drilling out one small cap and one full-size cap and using some hot glue to attach them)

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Actually, you can just carefully press the two nozzles together and squeeze to refill the small tube.

And I really like vtboinger’s adapter idea. I would buy one - easier on my budget and our planet.

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There are a few of these out there, here is one:

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If you are a diver/snorkeler, tiny tubes of toothpaste are a must have in your kit. I keep the most plain jane white stuff in my bag, eg

Please don’t buy this, toothpaste only lasts 3 years. If you have 12 packs, and you use 2 per year on trips. You’ll still be throwing half of it away.


What happens to old toothpaste? Is it less effective or does it smell bad, dry out, or what?

Lately I’ve noticed that Dollar Tree stores (in the area of the USA that I frequent) have every variety/flavor of Colgate toothpaste in travel size tubes. YMMV. In one store I’d spotted normal-size tubes and thought that $1 for “sensitive” toothpaste was a great deal, but they only had one left of that variety.

And I’ve noticed that many pharmacies have a section of “travel size” items, so one can get a variety of grooming products in TSA-acceptable-volume containers, without a need to buy in bulk.

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Our dentist gives us a sample baggie with travel-size toothpaste, floss, and a toothbrush whenever we go in. That more than suffices our travel needs; unless you are a road warrior who is on the road every other week a 12-pack seems like overkill.

Instead of getting these tubes, you may want to try something completely different like Bite. Check out their site here:

The benefit is you don’t have to worry about airport security, they taste great, and you’re not contributing to landfills. Give 'em a shot!

flouride is less effective. otherwise I doubt there would be a other noticeable change. After a very long time the regular kind might get gritty, the gel might get watery.

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I can answer this as I’ve had a separate tube of Colgate under the sink for doing a basic post-etch acid neutralization and quickie oxidation removal on steel.

It has separated out slightly with a yellowish watery component, and the paste thickening up a bit.


The limit for liquids in hand luggage is 100ml, right? Which is the size of a regular tube of toothpaste, so what’s the problem?

Adapter? I’ve always found mini tubes fit perfectly on the end of larger tubes.

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