Get a big bag of organic dried hibiscus flowers for awesome summer ice tea

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we make hibiscus lemonade (same general process as lemonade, only steep dried hibiscus in the water for a bit before mixing in the lemon juice and sugar). It is beautiful and functional.


IIRC hibiscus has some affect on mensuration. A quick perusal through google mentions that it might not be a good thing for pregnant women to consume either. But I’m no doctor and that was just a 10 second search; so don’t take my word for it, but look into it if you intend to consume hibiscus.

Sorrel is a similar/related plant used in the carribean and mixed with ginger and sugar for a delicious and refreshing drink. As it’s related to hibiscus, I’d wager the same warnings might apply.

speaking my language.
love this drink!

I also like to add just a couple petals of dried hibiscus to the pitcher when making sun tea.

I’ll make some this evening! I have dried hibiscus in the cupboard and I’ve forgotten what it was for now.

Sorrel/Roselle/Rosella is a hibiscus and flowers only in the early morning. Common in the Carribean, Australia and Africa. It is prized for making a distinctive tasting jam as well as drinks. You can also consume the leaves. It is the fleshy calyx that forms around the seed pod that is used - rather than the petals (so all the stuff that you see that is red).


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