Get a big-screen experience with the SainSonic Mini LED Portable Projector - only $59.99

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Well, with 480×320 native resolution and 60 lumen brightness, that’s going to make really “big-screen” experience - with pixels the size of bricks, but doesn’t matter, because it will be so dim that you won’t see them anyway.

Save your money folks, this is junk.


But the lens has three pieces of glass, so there’s that… :slight_smile:

But yeah, a 25 Watt LED claimed, and only 60 lumens?


Today it might be junk. In 1986, this thing would’ve sold out so fast that its designers would’ve had to fast-track the modernization of China just to keep with demand.


The point is it is sold today not in 1986.

I have an Acer K10 miniprojector that I got in 2009 and is 7 years old now - and even that has 858x600 native resolution and 100lm. Yes, it didn’t cost $60, more like $450, but that was 7 years ago, one of the first ones. But even for <$100 you can get a better deal today. So what are we talking about?

Literally the first hit on AliExpress searching for a LED projector:

800x480 native and 80lumens. For $70 delivered. It could very well be a piece of crap, but still better crap than what is being offered here.


25W LED and 60lm sounds about right for old, cheap crappy LED array that is not even being run at full power (these miniprojectors have terrible cooling, so it would literally melt or require a high speed (=very loud) fan. Also consider the cheap crummy optics and most likely a cheapo LCD (it is very unlikely that this is a DLP projector), so there will be a lot of light losses.

12V x 2A = 24W, that is reasonable for a small LED array.

Basically, you get what you pay for - the real market price of this is about $20, the rest is markup of the importer.




I guess yours are pretty low then. There are much better projectors around for <$100 than this lemon.

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I confess, I am a self-enlisted member of the Everything Is Amazing club. I’ll also confess that, on most days, I’m a terrible member.


Lots of neat stuff in the BoingBoing store, but I’m concerned that you’d consider this worthy. I’d call it the Monster Cable of projectors if the old Sony Vidimagic (which was sold in 1986) didn’t already deserve that title.

60 lumens is the equivalent of a 12w incandescent bulb, roughly three nightlights. Your room would have to be completely dark to see a picture -especially at 100 inches as brightness per square inch decreases as screen size increases.

This is a toy and should be labeled as such.

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