Take a 240" screen anywhere with this mini projector that's over 60% off

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200 lumens onto a 240” screen?!?! Whatever is worse than terrible, this is it. I doubt it would even produce an acceptable image in a dark room. Heck, 200 lumens is less than the output of a 20w incandescent lamp.

What the BB store is really selling is disappointment.


Boing Boing puts considerable effort into uncovering, debunking and calling out bullshit -except, apparently, on themselves. “Powerful”, “communal, drive-in movie experience” “massive screen”, “capable of throwing up an image onto nearly any surface - day or night”. Laughable.

Does the world really need anymore Trump level bullshit?

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Nowhere does it promise being able to see the image. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good point R with a V…

Ya know maybe we’re thinking about this wrong -it also doesn’t say “Human”. Maybe this is meant for cats or opossums —or maybe owls. If so, my bad and I apologize.


This reminds me of a story. I sold pro video gear in the 80s and the Sony Rep comes in with a Sony Vidimagic projector that kinda looks like an Electrolux vacuum cleaner with a Betamax in it. He had it set up on the conference room table and tells us it’s the first portable one-lens projector and proceeds to catalog it’s features and how our customers will benefit and that he expects multiple unit sales going to each of our many corporate clients. We say, “Well hell, turn it on; let’s see it!”.

He says, “It is on.”

And the Vidimagic had a purported 1600 lumens peak brightness.


“See that one pixel, right there in the center?”

For once, it’s a good idea to read the comments, particularly here https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/08/23/piqo-smart-mini-projector-review-1080p-projector-with-small-size/


That sounds awesome.


That’s actually pretty bright for such a small pico projector (assuming the reported lumens are reported honestly and are actual ansi lumens, not the ‘ansi equivalent’ lumens many led projectors use). It won’t fill a 240" screen, but you might get a decent 80" image in a dark room.

One assumes the pic at the top of the article is actually what you get, not just the focusing of the shot… :wink:

This is really getting sad, it’s not the first questionable/dubious ad I’ve seen on boingboing, and I’m really having problems with the integrity of the site as it sells out in this manner.

Are things so tight that it’s to this point? Maybe offer a subscription service? I legit would pay $39 a year for boingboing.

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And if you’re lucky, you’ll actually be able to see it!

You know what I find interesting about that review?

This line:

Now you can get it at $379 on the PIQO official website .

If the manufacturer themselves are selling it at $379, and have been since it released, then the number they crossed out is irrelevant. You’re not getting it for 60% off if it never sold at $799 :stuck_out_tongue:

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The S in MSRP is for suggested. In this case they were laughing out loud when they suggested that price for this product.

PIQO has a notoriously bad indiegogo run and is frequently accused of misrepresenting the products specs and posting hundreds of fake reviews. https://www.reddit.com/r/shittykickstarters/comments/bzb60u/piqo_1080p_projector_finally_delivers_on_none_of/

Independent reviewers never received review units. And review sites are showing nearly identical wording gushing praise for the product.



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Oh my gosh. That’s horrid. Come on, BoingBoing, you’re scamming your readers by supporting this.

@frauenfelder @pesco @jlw. Hey guys care to comment on the absolute scammy crap being pitched in your name? How much are they paying to buy your integrity like this? I’m guessing it’s not nearly enough.

I had this projector. It’s 480P native. It plays 1080P content at 480P. They don’t tell you that. The built-in Netflix can’t play HD content, because they didn’t get the right certificate. It’s fairly bright, and the picture is easy to see. The auto-keystone is nice. But for a couple hundred more, get a real 1080P projector. Oh, the stand is crappy, the cube falls out of it all the time if it’s not directly above it. I gave mine away to some poor sucker. It’s just not worth it, not even at 60% off.