This pocket-sized projector can amplify your phone video up to 10 feet across

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I’d buy that for $99.99. 50 lumens?


Neither the blurb here nor the ad copy at the BB Store give the actual dimensions, odd since size is supposed to be a selling point. The obvious comparison is to the Aaxa P2-A and P2-B, it is only a better choice if it is much smaller than those.




Exactly so. The AAXA P2-A Smart Pico Projector, for example, is about $150 on amazon and is 150 lumens, FFS; it’s a bit bulkier but far more capable and cheaper, although it only supports 1080p. Fifty lumens is WAY too dim, especially at that cost, and certainly for a 4K image; you’ll never be able to see all the detail in a small image and it’ll be too dim to expand to a large size, even in a dark room ^^’ .


I would actually call the “4K HD” label misleading information and false advertising, verging on the edge of being a scam!

The output resolution of this thing is only about 1/20 of that of a 4K display!
They hide behind the fact that the gadget accepts up to a 4K signal on the input, which it then downscales into a crappy FWVGA output (at a paltry 50 lumens), but the use of the “4K HD” label would normally suggest the device is capable of outputting that resolution.

I understand BoingBoing needs some cash to operate and ads are the way to get that, but please be a little more careful in what you advertise for, lest you lose credibility for all your posts…


FWIW, the P2-A is also only WVGA. (Which is probably fine for most uses of a pico projector.)


Sure; I was using it as an example, not really as a specific recommendation. The big problem is that 50 lumens just plain isn’t nearly enough, especially for that price. The fact it’s downscaling certainly doesn’t help, but to be fair, most (if not all) of these “pico” projectors pull the same fast one ^^’.

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I agree, depending on the use. (50 LED lumens is fine if you’re projecting 3 feet in a dark room; I think this might be a normal use for such a projector.) Aaxa used to make a 50 lumen 720p projector in the P2 form factor, and I almost bought one for this use (it was around $100 refurbed directly from Aaxa). I recently replaced my main travel projector (a 300 lumen LG) with a 500 lumen from Dell (true HD resolution and 1/4 the size), and even the 500 lumens isn’t enough if there is sun in the room.


It wouldn’t be a 4K image anyway - the projector scales it down to 854*480 pixels.

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Who doesn’t like loud video?

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