This Vankyo mini projector displays images up to 200 inches across

Originally published at: This Vankyo mini projector displays images up to 200 inches across | Boing Boing

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So this projector’s resolution is “480p 1920x1080”, huh? That’s…interesting. Also, I would love to see exactly what kind of bass response you’d get from whatever tiny speaker they crammed into this thing.

You should probably spend more than $100 on a projector. Just saying.


It “accepts” a 1080p signal, but the native resolution of the LCD is only 480p. Downsampling.

It’s often something you find in the fine print of these low-cost projectors which are too good to be true: Something is lower than it would initially seem, either native resolution, or lumen output, or both.


Big red flag is it is not easy to track down brightness specs for this unit. If a spec isn’t embarrassing, they’ll publish it, so if they don’t it’s a huge flag. Like the “studio quality mics” on macbooks and ipads; the quality is so high I guess they thought they don’t need to publish the specs. Needless to say they are no where near studio quality, and from what I could track down this projector will probably be frustratingly not bright enough, in addition to the native resolution issue you mention.


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