This $99 mini projector by Minolta will help you finally ditch that giant TV

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What is this blank wall you speak of? This home has nothing like that.


Native resolution appears to be 640 x 360. It ‘supports’ full HD in being able to receive and downscale a signal, but in terms of actual pixels, based on sources elsewhere online, it appears to be sub-VGA resolution.


No small wonder that actual specs are so hard to find.


4x8x5 inches is actually quite large. My travel projector is a Dell M318WL that is only 4x4x1.5 inches, with much better native resolution and brightness (500 lumens).

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My home had one once, but then I moved in.



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Ah, the joy of always having to watch in the dark, because it’s still just a projector.

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Hey, don’t knock it:

One of the big issues with a projector is that the darkest black that is possible is how bright the screen is with the projector off. Not to mention any leakage through the LCD.


Yeah. I had a 720P native projector that I bought some 10 years ago that was probably the best one in it’s class for under a grand; a 4K native projector that would have replaced it was north of 2 grand, whereas the 75" 4K LCD that I hung up was MUCH cheaper, even after having to buy some DIN rail and a mount to make a stand for it. (The projector still technically works, but finding a bulb for a projector that the manufacturer has completely disowned* is a bit of a pain, and TBH, wasn’t worth the hassle.)

*And by disowned, meaning there’s no mention of it anywhere on their website, even in the support section. :frowning:

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Check out the photo. This is one of those projectors that can somehow project darkness onto an illuminated white surface.

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To get the same cheaper without the minolta logo from Honutige
Still no way to get any lumens information.

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