This 1080p pocket-sized projector may just be your new media hub at home or on the road

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When did Harman Kardon change there name? Is it abbreviated HC now or is this a scam company about to be sued by HK?

200 lumens, really? That’s less than a 10th of what I’d call the minimum brightness for a usable projector. Good ol boing boing store.



I wouldn’t go that far. In a dark room you can get a nice image at 400 lumens with a good LED projector


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Not to mention that small projectors can be used to project reasonably bright images on small surfaces when making fun Halloween displays or whatever.

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Depends what your goal is. A faint image on a wall, maybe. Watching a video, especially at a distance that more than one person can see it, not a chance. I can’t imagine not being disappointed by this purchase, except with appropriately low expectations. This is the “projector” equivalent of x-ray specs. Which were probably awesome given some very specific circumstance.

I’m speaking from experience here. For home viewing we’ve used conventional home theater projectors (from the likes of Optoma and Viewsonic) for over a decade. For travel, including extended periods where it was the main projector, I used a 350 lumen LED projector (recently upgraded to a higher-resolution 400 lumen projector) over the same decade. The 350-400 lumens are fine in a dark room; for sure dimmer than the home light cannon, but the higher color saturation of the LED display makes up for it somewhat. I can’t speak for this dimmer, low-resolution projector.

I guess it depends on your definition of “fine”. I had a 1k lumen projector that was maybe fine in a pitch dark room with a decent screen that was close enough that you might as well be using a monitor. Still not fine compared to what I think most people expect from a projector, which they’re led to believe by this kind of ad that recently appeared on my Instagram feed:

The ad on BB at least isn’t showing that kind of laughably scammy composite image, but it is showing someone using it in daylight, so I’d call it pretty close.

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  • Native resolution: WVGA 854*480, up to 1080P

That’s a bold lie.


I’m not defending the ad copy for this projector (which has multiple lies), only rejecting your assertion about 400 lumen projectors. Your 1k projector might have been terrible, I don’t know. Our 350 and 400 lumen LED projectors were fine in a dark room for watching movies and sports for the whole family from 15 feet away. Not as bright as our regular 2000+ lumen projector, but a completely comfortable viewing experience.

Purists argue that only CRT projectors give cinema-quality images. They tend to run 400-1000 lumens. Our perception of light images is complicated, you can’t compare projectors on lumens alone.

Our current main projector is 2000 lumen DLP technology with an rgbrgb wheel, it is dimmer than the 1600- lumen DLP rygcwb wheel projector it replaced., The color is also far more accurate, and the image is much easier to watch in both light and dark conditions. The LED projectors I had and have have greater color saturation and contrast so the image seems more luminous to me than the lumens themselves would indicate.

I’ve not tried any of mine on a bedsheet outside, so will not comment on that. I can only comment on my actual experience with projectors I’ve owned.

I’m not entirely sure why it’s so common in this category and not with other types of display; but somehow in mini-projector land it has become customary to quote the input resolution you will accept, rather than the resolution you will display, as the resolution.

Given that basically nothing provides 854x480 output to work with it’s certainly nice that the scaler is able to accommodate standard resolutions up to 1920x1080; but, yes, it’s an atrocious lie when the output is going to be limited to 854x480.

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