Get a load of this doofus boarding Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe


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At least until the top of the stairs.


Come on guys. That’s clearly a diaper tag.


I have figured it out. That is a signal from qanon. A custodial worker in the WH. That is why they are privvy to all the poop going down.


Hey! Sometimes I get toilet paper stuck to my shoe!

(Trying to make a joke so subtle it’s not actually funny)


Nah can’t be…Drumpf only uses 24k toilet paper to go with his golden throne







A napkin does make more sense - he would have had to walked a considerable distance with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, but no doubt he’s a slob who drops napkins on the floor of his car after eating fast food there.


And the trumpanzees will adore him even more for this.


Looks more like the Constitution.


LOL. This can’t fucking be real. Anyone else would have had a staffer let them know early on. I wonder how many people saw it and were like, “Fuck him”.


All of them, apparently.


That was the US Constitution, he wipes his ass with it daily.


He wipes his ass with napkins? Not surprised.


i thought it was a metaphor, for america.


Please tell me this a photomanipulation…
He isn´t even my president, yet I feel embarrassed.


Wholly shit.


I figured it was the nuclear launch codes that he dropped while heading out to see his bud (Putin).


That’s some 8-dimensional chess right there.