Get big savings on Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Levitating Speakers, & more

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I feel like we’re just being punked at this point.


Yeah, they’re making it too easy… open goals all around.
I already feel the quality of my snark decreasing.

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Hair happens, but this gadget ensures it doesn’t clog up your drains.

Well, I used to have long hair down to my butt, as did my roommate circa 2005. Well, I’m older now and the roommate I have currently is even older than me, and frankly, we have less hair than we did as younger people.

However, we have rather larger bodies which produce rather more soap scum. Got any gadgets for that?

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“May your snark never diminish.” (Old Boinger blessing.)
But if it does…

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As this spam seems to be for something arguably better than the bb store goods under discussion, should it be allowed to stand? :grinning:

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