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My emphasis. This is an improvement on “I”, but it’s still claiming an identity which I doubt has any real meaning. Who is “we”? The BB editors? The BB store advertising drones? Or is it just a Madison Avenue “we”, the opposite of the royal “we” in that it has no authority or responsibility?


Get business tips from this guy you’ve never heard of, who started a company you’ve never heard of!


Dat arm, tho.


Why bother? You really think your favorite bloggers are going to come defend their pronouns? Assume Madison Avenue until further notice.


Make it business tips from erlich bachman and i’m in… what?! Aviato had potential, damn it.


I think it’s pronounced Aviato.


Absolutely. Duly edited.


Because they’re advertisements that look like posts, and as such the pronoun use could be read as endorsements from the editors without — as far as I know — actually coming from any of them. Certainly, without an actual name, they’re as fictional as any character Cory could write, though their source is as anonymous as any troll.


(*Totally badass robotic prosthetic arm not included.)


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