Get chai: Israel moving toward marijuana legalization


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Is decriminalization a step toward legalizations? I guess, in the case of my own home state that was around a 35-40 year step.


The “treatment” strikes me as being a sop towards hard-liners who don’t want to do any of this. As usual, policies have to evolve gradually to meet with any political success.

I would expect these rules to disappear as they inch closer to full legalization.


Ugh, fine, earthlings, have your weed, buuuut also take these fascist dictators and asshole hard-liners.

–The Universe, apparently


What’s this about marijuana-infused chai?


1000 shekels (about $265)

Or about 300 clams…


Bhang maybe?

I’m confused. And I’m no even high.


Sounds about right.

But the title of this thread is “Get chai”, not “Get bhang”.


Doesn’t appear to be a translation from Yiddish or anything…

Hey @pesco why is chai?

Some kind of phoneme sound-alike?


I do believe it is simply for the pun.


But what it is a pun upon? Inquiring minds want to know!


Get high?




Have you followed my instructions which will allow you to decode the pun yet?


Is chai a big thing in Israel?

*blinks twice, really slowly


You must be high.

Which is not pronounced chai.


It’s a pun. Chai is a Hebrew word (and popular necklace charm) that means “life.” Its actually pronounced like “high” but with guttural H like you’re hawking up a loogie. You may have heard the toast “L’chaim” which means, “To life.”


Is it the same ch as in loch?

If so, I can pronounce that.



As with many things in Jewish law, it depends which legal authority you ask/what traditions you adhere to.


1000 shekels, you must be joking … I’ve never been able to take the shekel seriously as a currency, precisely because of this scene.