Marijuana is kosher for Passover


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I fail to understand how cannabis leaves could be considered kitniyot. I can see cannabis seeds, but not leaves.


Welcome to the wonderful anal, insane world of Ashkenazi kashrut. The Torah lists 5 grains not to eat on passover, so why not ban anything that could possibly be confused with those grains too? Like beans, peas, sesame seeds, and weed. The Sefardim (Mediterranean Jews) have no problem eating rice, corn, beans, hummus, kasha, whatever on Passover. My wife and I long ago decided that despite all known evidence of our ancestry we were really Sephardic.


I’m willing to bet these guys knew it all along:

(A friend of mine used to have an Israel Vibration t-shirt, which had a kind of Rasta-fied Star of David on it, and sometimes old Jewish ladies would ask him “I don’t understand, what does that mean?”)


I saw a rastafied Confederate flag once and had a similar reaction. I’m not sure what was going on there, but I suspect I’d have approved.





Why is this weed different from all other weeds?


Maybe it has something to do with the climate-- the laid back, warm Mediterranean, versus the cold, harsh Carpathian Mountains and Russian steppe.


You gotta smoke it to find out.


The holiday will now be renamed to “Puff Puff Passover”.


Jah Prophet has arise (Prophet has arise)
He’s got a dredlock in his eye (dredlock in his eye)
dredlock in his eye (for them to realize)

Since decennia I’ve been wondering a what a dreadlock in my eyes would make me realize…
Anybody willing to share the experience?

// and here’s a trinity chaser


I think you would realize Eye pain?

No worries tho, I know of something that works miracles on eye pain.


I am so-o-o-o-o leavened…


If it hit me by surprise,
then i’d get to centralize.
Moses Moses Moses


This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “baked in 18 minutes” :slight_smile:


What about for Hanukkah?


Mathematically, all Ashkenazi have At Least One Sephardi ancestor, so you’re clear :slight_smile:


I think you mean “I & I pain”, brudda.


Oh, and before I head off for the seder, wishing everyone a Chag Sameach!