Get hammered with jazz great Charles Mingus's Egg Nog Recipe


I’ve never made nog. Perhaps this is the year. And what better than to make Mingus nog while listening to Mingus.


My grandfather once asked us young ones if we wanted him to make some (non-alcoholic) egg nog for us. Well, sure! But what he gave us tasted like custard, which I don’t like – the flavor reminded me of the way that soft-boiled eggs smell. I remember my mom getting really upset, that we’d only acquired a taste for store-bought egg nog and truly didn’t appreciate a handmade recipe. I felt really bad about not liking his egg nog, but come to find out, what he made (and called “egg nog”) was actually boiled custard.

So to answer your question, no I haven’t, but now I’m wondering if there’s a way to make it so it doesn’t taste like boiled custard.

FYI my other grandfather liked to put a piece of coconut cake in his glass of egg nog.


Yes, such as when to turn on the burner?

EDIT: well what the hell do I know… there’s no stove involved; the 151 really could burn the eggs.

This makes more sense:


Mrs. Washington’s Eggnog Recipe.

/ anti-bonus: you have to let it sit for a few weeks before it’s safe.


Thanks dude!


I did have a bottle of dark rum! My ex must have swiped it some time back.

I might try making a more brandy-based egg nog, if I can score some cream soon.


From what i gather this is the more old school way of making eggnog, and the bonus of having to let it sit for several days is that you can use old eggs for this. The alcohol will make everything safe for consumption. Which coincidentally when i was at the grocery store today they had a bunch of dozens of eggs at half off because they’re expiring soon, i was rather tempted to buy them just for eggnog but money is tight for me this month so i had to pass.

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