Get high-end blackboard chalk from Japan before it disappears forever


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Argh, BoingBoing! At first I scoffed at the pencils and pens, but then you won me over. Now I too am a pencil and pen nerd. But I swear I’m not going do it with the chalk, no sir, can’t do it! Although this does look like nice chalk!


Blackboard? So old fashioned.

I write onto transparencies on my OHP.


Just wait until the last artisanal finger paint manufacturer closes its doors…


Oblong Harpsichord Perambulator?


Hey Rob, I know I got a chunk of 100% organic chalk I got when I was in England in the region where all the witching stones are supposed to be. So there is an even chance it is actually magic.

$200 bucks and it’s yours.


Does it come with free range locally sourced erasers.


Actually it’s hard to get transparency film nowadays, as even ohp are being phased out.


Isn’t chalk supposed to be inorganic? :stuck_out_tongue:


It is wonderful chalk. With that enamel(?) cover it keeps the dust off so your hands don’t dry out in the winter. It writes smoothly in bold lines and doesn’t squeak.

Looks like Amazon price bots are ramping up the price.


Psst… Man… I got some Hagorome White, if you’re cool…


It’s from the shells of once living things.

I am pretty sure my chalk is from free range creatures too, with no antibiotics of added growth hormones.


I grew up in the English south downs. Oh, you think calcium carbonate is your ally, but you merely adopted the calcite. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn’t see a whiteboard until I was already a man.


I used to get all my chalk from the guys that ride in the train caboose… For some reason they always tossed some of those giant chalk sticks to us kids as the train went by – perhaps they were betting on who could hit us?


This chalk was the subject of my by far highest-rated MathOverflow question ever and got some really great answers.


Looks like the accepted answer was edited recently to say that Hagoromo’s Fulltouch might live on at a Uma-jirushi. Yay!


So… $100?


Holy moley, bots is right- I paid $17 with shipping last night on Amazon, now its $59…


Must resist urge to flip chalk on ebay (don’t even look- at $17 for 72 pieces I thought what the hell, but its getting out of hand quite rapidly).


Varnished chalk to keep one’s hands clean? Do these people even know how to nerd?