Musical composer's pen

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There’s a blackboard version that’s much less bizarre and beautiful. When I was studying music /some/ of the blackboards had staff lines etched right onto the board.

For all the rest, there was a chunk of wood with five springs with chalk stuck in them that would let you draw a staff across the blackboard in one swipe.


I remember those. In my school we always had yellow chalk because Jimmy was allergic to the white stuff. Didn’t make sense then either.

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No mention of the chalk versions for blackboards? It’s a big wooden arch that holds five pieces of chalk, basically. We had one in our music room in elementary school (schools used to teach music- crazy). It was also featured in The Simpsons where Nelson shows Lisa how to cheat at writing lines on the board with it for detention.

Anyone know if there is a modern equivalent for whiteboard markers? I feel there must be.

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whoops, good thing I scrolled down before posting the youtube clip for that scene

Comes in handy if your name is George Crumb.


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