How to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard


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I remember discovering this in college while in a “quiet study” pod in the library. I got in a deep flow state making dotty lines. I must have annoyed people in the adjacent pod because after about 20 minutes they started pounding on the wall which snapped me back to reality. Ever since, I’ve been waiting for a time to use this trick in practice, but it’s never come up.



Wow the stuff I’m drinking seems strong … seeing double.


This, and how to make an x in just one stroke, are skills every math lecturer needs to know.





so uh, how?


It’s actually more like three quick strokes, but done without lifting chalk from chalkboard.

  1. Looks like the top half of the numeral 2
  2. A quick diagonal line
  3. The first stroke, but rotated 180 degrees

Put it all together you get something like this:

But not poorly done in MS Paint.:wink:


I would settle for using a new dry erase marker instead of the one with the emperor’s finest ink.


ah ok like kind of a custom cursive. Thanks!


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