This paper turns any flat surface into a chalkboard

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My concern is the size. I cannot discern the width of the sheet, and according to the specs it may be 1-dimensional!

Chalkboard length: 6.5 feet



I was looking for paper that would turn any blackboard into a surface. :frowning:


Who’s gonna bang out the erasers?


This is actually pretty cool - one of my family members has a large chalkboard on a panel in their kitchen they use to write out menus on when guests come over (or write out their weekly menu plans when it’s just them). Fun!


I have a whole classroom slate in my garage. It’s fantastically useful.


I make lists including grocery lists, but they don’t do me any good unless I can take them to the store.


Back in day, the solution would have been to just copy the list down on a piece of paper.

Nowadays, it would be to take a picture of the “chalkboard” with your phone.


I was just at a phone store, and rather than giving me a piece of paper with my acct # on it, which I asked for, the sales guy asked me to take a picture of his screen with the # on it. Then he printed me a receipt. Le Sigh.


Wait, doesn’t black construction paper turn any flat surface into a chalkboard? But it’s not as cool.

I’d have declined his request and repeated mine for a written copy.

No, it’s surface is way porous and reacts differently to chalk than surfaces that are slate-like.

I’d imagine there’s difference in thickness as well.

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I’ve used chalkboard paint a number of times, turns any surface of any size into a chalkboard. They even sell magnetic chalkboard paint, and chalkboard paints in colors other than slate black or green.

i’ve also helped apply the chalkboard wall decals which come in a number of shapes and can be removed non-destructively.

i’ve never tried chalkboard contact paper, but i assume the end results are somewhat similar.

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I have learned through trial and error that technology and apps don’t make everything better. The only way I can make a schedule of appointments and not miss any is to put it in an actual, physical daily planner. It’s horribly old fashioned but it works.

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there is a notebook brand which I’ve seen here on BB before, their motto is “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, i’m writing it down to remember it now” :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s the brand I use, but that’s definitely the reason. It’s also the reason I took notes in college that I almost never looked at again later.

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Actually I use an app to take notes on the phone.

If you want to freak someone out, ask to borrow a pen, write the info down, crumple up the paper and toss it in the bin, and hand back the pen.

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In my third year of a physics degree, I stopped taking notes altogether. While others were busily scribbling, I made sure that I understood the derivation being presented in real time. I became known by the profs as the kid who asked questions, and appreciated by my classmates as the guy who gave notetskers a chance to catch up. And I was one of the few who walked away from class not just having attended … but as actually having understood the gory details.

Note, this was quite specific to the often painful way physics/math was taught 30 years ago. I’m not making an argument against note taking in general.

Different people learn best in different ways. Mostly, I learn best through reading, so, if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t even go to class except for exams. But taking notes, or even just doodling, helps me remember stuff.

Chalk is dusty and abrasive. How is this more appealing than dry erase markers, which have bolder colors are easier to read, and don’t shrink as you use them?