How to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard


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How to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard

I had a high school physics teacher who could freehand a near-perfect circle. It was very weird, though, because he sort of unhinged his elbow and used it as a compass. It was very, very creepy looking.


Quitter! I’ll bet you could teach yourself to do those dotted lines on a whiteboard. :wink:


What’s a chalkboard?


a huge pen enabled tablet.


I was hoping the punchline is that his class is a… canine obedience class!

It isn’t.


I just scratch the chalk and then use my nails.


I do think it’s possible. Obviously the felt tip of the marker won’t be able to skip on the board because there’s just not enough friction. But if one could find some way of having a 2nd point of contact with the board that does have the right kind of friction then that’d allow one to easily replicate the same drawing technique.

I can think of a couple of ways this can be achieved but i don’t see much point of going through the trouble though.


When he dropped the chalk I knew what was up. We have these damn whiteboards in our uni as well, everyone hates them.


I really missed the boat when I was helping clean out a storage room and did not snag the



Fuck I hate dry-erase.


It’s a blackboard.


And such small ones. That’s nowhere near enough boardroom for a proper lecture.


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