Get in the mood with this commercial from the 90s "Pure Moods" music collection

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A friend who bought all four of these out of the bargain bin back in the 90s told me Pure Moods II is the best. A friend :eyes:.


You BASTARDS I only saw the THUMBNAIL for this and got Sail Away stuck in my head!!!

Edit: Well now it’s fighting in there with the HAIII AIII IIIIIII OO AIIIIIIIII song


At least you didn’t fall into a one-night stand with a Kenny G soundtrack of Lady in Red on repeat…


“Fuck Tubular Bells”? I mean that’s probably the one track that is not pure fucking schmaltz (or is that your point). I mean the rest of that stuff is absolute easy cheeze empty calories garbage. Tubular Bells is a fucking composition.

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Ha, I was just going to mention that I see these in thriftshops all the time. So I guess these goofy old advertisements worked, amazingly enough.

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So, 28 today-dollars for one CD? And you could have added “rush shipping” on top of that? Thirty-plus-dollars for muzak?

The 90s was one helluva drug.

TV ad notwithstanding, I…er, I mean my friend paid about 20 bucks for the set of all four. I guess they weren’t selling.

Of course since I ripped my, um, freind’s entire CD collection to FLAC and MP3 in the oughts, those CDs have now re-entered the second-hand market.

My friend let his friends and family take anything from the collection they wanted before the rest went to Half-Priced Books, but I don’t think those ones had any takers. So he tells me.


This is beginning to sound like a Whose Line Is It Anyway skit.


My friend may have underestimate how long he’d need to keep this up. :wink:

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[Obligatory punchline goes here]

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So many questions. What kind of purity are we talking about here? 90% 99% 99.9%? What are the moods, specifically? Anger? Revulsion? Deep shame? If you could put it in musical form, I’d buy that.

The Twin Peaks version you are looking for is Moby “Go (Woodtick Mix)”

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Oh boy, I’ve got a check and/or money order burning a hole in my pocket right now!

To paraphrase a Kramerism “those went out with powdered wigs!”

My fav part: “Direct from Europe…”.

Kenny G gets a bad rap. Like, really bad. But! Some people actually like the G Dawg. For instance:

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