Twin Peaks soundtrack reissued on vinyl


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Me likey, very much.


My God. We’ve reached Peak Hipster.


<Sigh /> I don’t suppose there will be a re-issue for people who actually like listening to music.

@OtherMichael there, better?


A better album is Julee Cruise’s Floating Into The Night. Same musical themes, but lots more Julee.


Yep. It’s the same Julee Cruise, Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch, partnership, but with more vocals.


If you want to go full 90s nostalgia, you can pick up the CD used for a $1.69.

CDs: Tomorrow’s CollectorScum Format Today!


That is one beautiful disk.


Me, IRL… when I get this:


And this is me, as I rip it to 128kpbs mp3 and listen to it with $5 earbuds - in front of an audiophile:


That’ll show them! Even better, do it while fingerpainting in front of your local art museum and stick it to those art snobs!


Sorry. I’ll try not to be excited about stuff and be annoying.


Sorry, that wasn’t a jab at you!


It’s fine. I just find the whole debate over how to better like or dislike culture to be a bit tedious, considering all that’s happening in the world.


Reducing big picture concepts down to social media type interaction is a drag.


And now, for something slightly sideways … I remember first hearing "Floating’ on the Austin PBS station. This was one of the times John Aielli at KUT was just so taken with a songs’ opening he’d go, “Let’s just listen to that first part again. That’s so good!” Aielli [ed.] is so good at what he does that he can get away with things like that. [uh, this guy can make a couple of hours of yodeling music a delight…]


Funny thats the same thing I see every morning in the mirror.


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