Get mysterious with Dusk Child, a rich little exploration puzzle

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It’s a very different kind of game, but the graphics look a lot like Terraria.

Woah, Sophie Houlden is a name I haven’t heard since my DeviantArt days (she used to be pretty big there). Glad to see she is still doing great games.

On a related note, if you enjoyed it, you’ll also probably enjoy :

Hmmm… I’m stuck trying to quickly jump down past spikes with a leaky bucket before all the water runs out… I should probably try and get some more work done today before I try jumping down another six dozen times.

I’d argue that this looks like Terraria only in the sense that they’re both using a aesthetic that features visible pixels. Terraria is a much more 16bit and 256 colors deal where as Dusk Child has a much more limited palette and is using the sort of pixel density you’d see in 8bit era games.

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