Get ready for “the final trip” with the trailer for Orphan Black’s farewell season


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So looking forward to this. Though who knows how much longer than June 10 Australia will have to wait for it to be (legally) screened.


I heard there were problems with the production.

The actress playing Alison doesn’t get along with the one playing Sarah. :slight_smile:


Spoiler Alert: They’re clones!


What you did there. I see it! :slight_smile:


Watching the trailer I am all oh how cool I love the Black mirror…odd this seems awfully specific and not at all like the thematic elements of Black Mirror. Where’s the…ohhhhhh

never mind


How was the past season? I didn’t watch past 01, seemed played out going to flashbacks. But I’ve gotten very intolerant of TV, dropping lots of shows that get boring and repetitive.


Sad to see it go, but I firmly believe that good shows should stop at 5 seasons so as to avoid any shark jumping.


The best shows seem to get cancelled after 1 or 2, sadly. And then we have Lost, which would have been better cancelled after season 2, leaving us to wonder what might have been.


True enough;
There have been more than a few good shows that didn’t get the run they deserved.

Freak & Geeks immediately spring to mind.

Fortunately for me, I never got caught up in Lost and considering the way the writers shat on their fandom, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t.


A few of my picks for gone too soon:

You, Me and the Apocalypse


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