Get skin-deep relief with these CBD lotions and creams

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What is next, homeopathic vapor treatments for pets? Or perhaps Trump Steaks? Or are you just trying to get John Oliver to do a segment on Boing Boing?


“Studies have shown cannabidiol (more popularly known as CBD) to be effective in two main areas: Pain relief and stress relief.”

Actually, the only thing that studies have shown CBD to be effective in treating are severe neurological disorders, and only with orally injested CBD in very large doses in a controlled clinical regimen.

Topical CBD ointments are snake-free snake oil, there is no evidence that they are good at treating anything other than relieving the recurring symptoms of the compulsive need to spend money on woo-woo. There is no evidence that they actually contain CBD, either.



Where’s my doctor!!!


Is your hair sensitive to the chemicals normally present in shampoos and conditioners?

If it is, caveat emptor. These shampoos and conditioners are made from the chemicals normally present in shampoos and conditioners. Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate Glycol Distearate, Laureth 4, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocomide MEA and Acrylates/Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer, for example.

this combo…replaces heavy metals and insecticides with soothing botanicals

This (and the word “organic”) suggests that these products are something akin to USDA organic, which they aren’t.


So my doc suggested that I might try a CBD creme for my leg pain. I highly doubt it will work due to the nature/source of the pain. I’ve tried other types of things in the past - eucalyptus, menthol, tiger balm, etc. I got a pamphlet.

But anyway - anyone have experience with using these products for pain relief?

Topicals and gummies, no. CBD herb with almost no THC works quite well, if that’s an option for you.


Something to treat burns, perhaps?

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yes, i’ve had positive experience with CBD and pain management, it’s one of the few things that helps my pain that doesn’t have negative side effects. it really helps with all my inflammation.

the key with CBD pain treatment is you typically have to front load a high dose to saturate all the receptors and then maintain with frequent lower mico-doses. i find an inhaler or vaporizer to work the best because you can easily take small doses discreetly as needed and manage the pain very easily. tinctures and edibles work well, but at a much higher dose.

beware these non-regulated products, most of them don’t have CBD and are shams or have way too little. 150mg per container? how about per application?

Some things that I use:

the small container is pure white CBD crystal powder, we can get TCH similarly in it’s pure form, super handy for regulating dosages and making your own stuff.


enjoy the popcorn lung! can that be treated with CBD?

popcorn lung is from an additive to nicotine vapes, diacetyl, and was only in use for a short period. it was never used in cdb vapes which work completely differently.

the recent cases of lipoid pneumonia was also caused by an additive, to adulterated black market unregulated products from places where it was illegal. it has been well know for years to never add lipids to vape solutions or it will cause lipoid pneumonia. there are better ways to loosen the molecular bonds. no legal company would have done that.

don’t worry, everyone here where i live is highly educated about all of this, and the products are highly regulated with spectrographic lab analysis of every batch. i don’t use products with any additives at all so its safe.


To quote John Oliver: “It’s sustainable.”

How deep is “skin-deep”, exactly?


Depends. Are you a snowflake or a rough and tumble person who doesn’t offend easily?


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While likely true, I have a close family member who was on stupidly-high Fentanyl patches for pain management for more than half a decade at rates that would literally kill us if we handled their patches. They transitioned to CBD oil and are now 100% narcotic-free. Now, this is Canadian CBD oil from licensed producers and verified content, so a very different animal, but it’s a very close-to-home example to me of the promise of the actual compound to have medically-relevant uses beyond what’s been officially tested thus far.

IMHO, strict regulation of products for content, as well as a loosening of regulations around who can test the stuff in what labs is sorely needed. While I think some progress has been made on the latter, I fear any real progress in this space needs a regime change in the US government first.


Is this a testament to the products you’re advertising?

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No, this is a testament to the effectiveness of authentic CBD oil. I know nothing about the specific product here, I was speaking as to @MotoGuzzi’s notes about clinical efficacy.


CBD is this decade’s DMSO.

That would be awesome if it worked for me. The only thing better is something that kills tumors.

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Tried a topical, just to see how it compared to OTC stuff (which all seem to have minimal, but present effect), and could detect no efficacy. There’s my N of 1 for you.