Get Smart, the complete series


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Barbara FelDon…
And on that note something that should go in the awful song thread…


Thank you!


I want to get this and go straight to season 1, episode 18. Watching a late night rerun when I was supposed to be asleep I nearly suffocated laughing into my pillow.

Maxwell Smart: You see, I happen to be an expert at this game. As a matter of fact, I happen to be the pool champion of the entire East Coast. Would you believe it? The entire East Coast.
Willie: I find that hard to believe.
Maxwell Smart: Would you believe the West Coast?
Willie: I don’t think so.
Maxwell Smart: How about Stubensville Ohio?


Max is a good hearted, bumbling fool who succeeds solely on his blind self-confidence

Just for extra clarity, he is in fact a secret agent, and not a politician.


Just don’t punish me for the song. :slight_smile:


Okay, so . . . anyone else out there draw “phones” on the white soles of their PF Flyers like I did?


you missed the other typo’d name…


And this is why I am not a copy editor…


You should follow it up by watching the Inspector Gadget series. Don Adams was great.


Agreed. Epic day for a 10 year old growing up then would see me groggily stumble to mom’s side of the bed, fake a couple of coughs, claim nausea, weakly wave them goodbye from my mock sickbed, throw off the blankets, pour mixing bowl full of rice krispies and settle in for a morning of (I’m fairly confident I still remember the ordering on channel 20) :

I Love Lucy
Andy Griffith
Green Acres
I Dream of Jeannie
Get Smart
Love American Style


I got enough of that every day after school when it was first on.


That’s what KAOS is led to believe.


KAOS had nothing on CHUMP!


Get Smart was one of the shows YTV in Canada used to fill up its schedule when it was first starting out and no one seemed to know what they were doing (alongside Paul Daniels, Doctor Who, and You Can’t Do That on Television). This is mildly tempting.

Too bad plans for a sequel to the movie seem to be mostly dead; I thought it did a reasonable job of recapturing some of the same spirit. Did anyone here catch any of the 1995 revival?


Everyday? Lucky kids. Jeez, I had to wait for Saturday nights - and wouldn’t think of missing the drive-up in the Sunbeam either. Once there was a scene in another popular series where Gilligan apologizes to the Skipper with a “Sorry 'bout that, Chief” that rotated my entire TV world about 3 degrees.


Watching this show as a child gave me a lifelong admiration for the works of Mel Brooks.


Get Smart also had one of the grooviest, most psychedelic rock bands ever to appear in a TV sitcom: the Sacred Cows!


Holy mackerel. I remember when that ran on Nick At Nite and my friends and I, who were in our late teens, just sat around slack-jawed in wonder that this actually existed. It was like a bad comedy sketch (not SNL’s “So I Married A Monkey” bad, but still bad) got made into a TV show.


That is crying out for a surf-punk cover version.