Maxwell Smart goes after the "Groovy Guru"


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Knock off the squares

Take to the street

Kill everyone you meet

Just kill, kill, kill

That is definitely going into a song.


It already went into a song, but I think it’d make a great remix too. You know what they say: Sacred Cows make the best burgers.


typing down here to just like type down here


I often wonder what Maxwell Smart would think of the 21 century, where practically everyone has portable phones that are not in their shoes.


I didn’t know DJs were using laptops back then.


I spotted Barry Newman. From Vanishing Point. And Petrochelli! (sp?)


He’d think the terrorists had won, is what.


KAOS was a terrorist organization?

I thought it was an anachronistic K-pop group that worked Love Boat cruises; silly me.





Sacred Cows will be milked!


And yet more Groovy Gurus:

Maxwell Smart’s “Groovy Guru” and Star Trek’s “The Way to Eden” could be a great double feature for a rainy day weekend!


Hey hey we’re the Monkees…


Missed it by that much.


We call them phones, but they have cameras too, and computers more powerful than the ones we used to put a man on the moon.

And what do we do with this magic brick? Pick political fights with total strangers via the Internet, and watch stupid cat videos. Sometimes both at once.


Preachin’ to the choir, yo; I’ve often mused on what a vastly powerful tool the internet is, and how the majority of us squander it on meaningless bullshit.

It is what it is.


Plus the James Garner version of The Little sister for afters.


Oooh I just watched that on my Tivo queue yesterday (The film, Marlowe).

Bruce Lee has a fun bit part as a mob goon and Rita Moreno does a fantastic striptease at the end (damn pasties!)


…or sporting a Jerry Only hairdo.


Preaching to the choir? The mere fact that I’m here means I’m wasting my time on trivialities :stuck_out_tongue:


That & the Elliot Gould The Long goodbye are two favourite films of mine.
I’ve always been annoyed Bruce Willis never played Marlowe. Being as pretty much every character he’s ever, ever played owes huge amounts to him, you’d think he’d go back to the source. Bah.