Get this 4-pack of MFi Certified Lightning cables at a super low price.

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I bought a similar pack with five cables about nine months ago. I can tell from the picture that they are the same cables. Of the original five, all of which have stayed in the house and have not been used harshly, one works fine, one works intermittently, and three do not work at all. Caveat usurpator.


I made the discovery after upgrading to a new iPad Pro this past weekend that they’ve changed the charging connector to a USB-C port. So once again, I need a different cable for my phone than for my iPad.

The cable they included with it this time may be 3’ but it seems like 2’. It’s USB-C to USB-C and has to go into a wall block, since my iMac is just old enough to not have a USB-C port. It has Lightning ports.

And the wall block is designed to cover three outlets on my computer’s power strip, because of course it is. I don’t have three to spare, so for now I’m charging it at an open wall outlet across the room.

Surprisingly, I learned that my Switch Pro Controller cable works to connect the iPad to my computer. So that was nice.

I spent a good hour after discovering that the port changed trying to research other cable options on Amazon, and have run across so much conflicting information (it won’t work, it will work, it’ll work but won’t fast charge, it may fast charge, who knows?) that I’m punting it down the road.

If you have a recommendation for a reliable USB-C to USB-A 3.0 cable that will work as it should for an iPad Pro, I’m all ears.

Well if they’re MFi Certified, count me in!

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