Get this GPS-equipped fitness watch for just $29.99


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But is it tactical artisanal & milspec?


this reminds me of something… ah yes.

@frauenfelder, did your craptastic watch arrive? you never wrote about your experiences with this gadget


Gee, I didn’t realize these things had gotten so cheap.

It’s kind of tempting – but $30 will surely get an even better model from a more reputable outlet, right?


Man, I remember paying substantially more for bare GPS modules not so long ago.


Do you use this before or after vaping?


During - to help you keep track of where the vapors are taking you.


This is a watershed moment for Boing Boing Store! A totally normal ad for a totally normal product for what seems like a resonable price, and it is written in normal 3d person voice without hype or unusual narrative structure. Yea Boing Boing!


Also in the context of what BB usually publishes this has a distinct air of:


Regiment != regimen.


“It’s PT time, Rogers! Do the entire regiment!”

“Sargent, don’t you mean “regimen”?”

“Just what army did you think you joined, Rogers? Get to it!”

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