Get well, Joni Mitchell!


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With my profile-name, how could i not feel the need to also wish Joni the very best!
I’m glad the latest news i read says that “she . . . is awake and in good spirits”.


Ditto -

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Just because anyone who hasn’t seen it, should… and because it was possibly the one of best pairings of a song version and film narrative.

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“National treasure” doesn’t even begin to describe her. So glad to hear she’s OK, at least for now.

Here she is in '98, sounding just as good as she did in '68:

(Anyone know if this hospitalization is related to the Morgellons, or is it just due to the march of time?)

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Didn’t know about this, but happened to listen to the 1991 album Night Ride Home (which contains the song Two Grey Rooms) earlier today.

Well, I listen to her albums quite a lot so not unusual. Anyone who hasn’t heard that album, I highly recommend it, it’s among her very best.

The title track (video is pretty cheesy, but whatever):

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