Unreleased Joni Mitchell song from 1967

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Sure, I love it’s upbeat message, but I’m going to wait for the Weird Al cover.


I’m wondering if she didn’t release it because A.) she had so many other songs that were better at the time and it just got lost, or if B.) there was something too personal in the lyrics, particularly regarding the Cara of the song.

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to my ear - that’s not Joni

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Interesting. It reminded me of Led Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore so I went looking and apparently Page and Plane were huge fans of Joni’s. Going to California, on the same album as Evermore (Led Zeppelin IV, 1971), is an homage to her.


Anything shes puts to words is genius,huge Joni fan since the 60s She is the poet laureate of my generation


Just genius as always. Joni is amazing. What wonderful lyrics.

( C ) Assuming “Cara” is purely fictional, perhaps her nature was an issue (for the time).

Appears there’s an album of this material coming out on 10/30:

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If they had released this in 1967, we wouldn’t be in this whole situation now.

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