Joni Mitchell's humblingly beautiful isolated vocals on "River"

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One of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs and favorite seasonal tunes. I thought Sarah McLachlan did a remarkably good cover of it, though she doesn’t quite capture the raw beauty of Joni’s voice.


That would sound even better with an acoustic piano accompaniment.


lotsa Joni Mitchell stuff on the interwebs today. for a bit there it made me scared something had happened to her, but maybe it’s just some Joni appreciation zeitgeist happening. on topic, this gave me goosebumps. so good.


Gorgeous. What a voice, what a songwriter, what an amazing album “Blue” is.


An absolute favorite holiday track, especially on cold nights when the nostalgic melancholy sets in. Absolutely stunning.

She’s also an accomplished artist.

That was beautiful

Superb control of her voice, the high sustained note around 2.00 has no flaws at all. One of my favourite songs for the winter solstice/Christmas.

Joni is just so great. Obviously Blue is unparalleled but I’ve long been fond of Mingus and Hissing of Summer lawns is an adult taste for me. Apart from Jungle Line which was so musically out there (Drummers of Burundi who are the most rock and roll group ever, from an old recording and philthy synth) I loved it while young.

And while her youthful voice was so pure and supple and controlled spare a thought for her fags ravaged later voice. Her singing both sides now when she is old enough to really sell it is a thing to hear.

Joni is a world treasure.

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