Get your toddler on the road earlier with the world's lightest balance bike

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For toddlers I’m less concerned with lightness as I am for durability. My kids loved their balance bikes, but they were seriously beat up by the time they finally outgrew them.

$84 seems pretty steep given how fast these will be outgrown.


I’ve said it a million times:

craigslist, $15, and 20 minutes with a hacksaw gets you the same thing.

I got one of these for my kid:

4 other kids have also learned to ride on it, and it’s awaiting the 5th. A few scratches, wear on the tires, but that’s it. Super durable. I bought it because I saw a 2 year old go down my street and pop a jump.

ETA: the platform for the feet is a big deal for the kids. Somewhere to put their feet and coast.

Good idea, since a toddler on the road is probably much safer than a toddler riding around in the house…

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$15 is almost too much for a used kid bike on Craigslist. You normally can’t give them away.

We got the Glide Bikes and it came with a pedal we could add later. My son learned in days and wanted the pedals installed within a week. He rode the wheels off it.

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love it. This from 2 reviews, the first a “verified buyer” is the bike manufacturer’s neighbor in Senjhen who, god bless their shilling soul can’t spell to save her life. The second review, never bought the bike. I’m sure the bike is great but don’t trumpet your five stars when one is bought and the other fake.

I say, go big or go home:

There’s a billion different options for these, and weight is basically no concern since they are all stupid-light. With three moving parts (only two that actually require bearings: the wheels. The headset is just a nylon bushing), balance bikes have been extremely popular for over a decade and have helped probably thousands of kids to ride bikes early. They are on CL or your local exchange website for low $$ all the time. Paying $85 for one is a chump’s game, and paying $170 for one (MSRP, apparently) is highway robbery.

What would you need the hacksaw for?

It’s a lot less work to just remove the cranks / bottom bracket.

Not that great of a deal considering that the Vitus Nippy is pretty much the same weight but only $50 as the regular price.

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