Stroller on a longboard

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Too bad it’s not for the US market - I’m actually pretty excited about this product. I’ve thought about doing something similar by modifying one of those ride-on boards, but this all-in-one seems like a pretty elegant design. The one thing I would want though is the option to snap the board off and attach it to a traditional stroller, for times when the longboard doesn’t make sense. Also, 600 euro is trop cher.

Looks like it’s meant to catapult kids.

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Holy crap, what could possibly go wrong? Did the trope about the baby carriage rolling into traffic need an update? Because I’m pretty sure that only happens in the movies.


This scene is going to take a lot more space in the remake…


Bah. My munchkin is happy standing on the end of my longboard. Standing: Like you’re supposed to on skateboards.

I grew up skating So. Cal. in the 80’s-90’s, and fancy myself a pretty good skater. My mini-me will ride standing up with me on a board (she’s 4 and can’t ride hers by herself standing yet)[and yes she wears full pads and a helmet]. This however, would scare the crap out of me. I don’t care how good you are, there’s always the unseen pebble etc… that makes you bail. Now put a weight (baby) in the front, and strap it in so there’s no bailing (not that you’d want to kid to go flying anyways), and there’s no way any skate baby is going to end up with a head injury that makes them permanently bad at math eh?

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