Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking convictionupheld

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Interesting (in a really bad way) how the only figure in this whole shitshow who’s suffering major consequences is a woman. :thinking:


Zombie Epstein enters the chat…


Yeah well. Guess I should add “legal” after “major.”

And who knows, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d managed to walk away free from a trial.


Jail time is too good for the likes of sex trafficking. And where the hell is all the Men that were her clients (crickets).


See also: cops of color who sail effortlessly to jail for misconduct, their unions silent.


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That well could have been suicide. I know lots of people have fun feeding the murder conspiracy theories, but suicide is still the most likely cause of his death, because he knew he was going to face real consequences, and that talking to avoid those would have meant someone coming for him.

But I’m very happy that her conviction was upheld. This woman was a horrible, dangerous predatory that put lots of teen girls in serious danger.


That juror issue has bothered me – I suspect (though I gladly hope to be proven wrong) that at some point a sympathetic or compromised judge will find that a reason to rule that she didn’t get a fair trial. She still has appeals left, right? After sentencing and then one last one at the New York supreme court, or was this her last shot?

Here’s hoping she saved a ton of evidence. Now that she’s convicted she won’t get a good deal; but there’s a lot of rats out there that need to exposed and charged. Very rich and powerful rats.


It’s too late for that for her. There is no evidence to be saved. All the information she has at this point has been entered into evidence and sealed or otherwise revealed. (Or destroyed.)

The time for her to make deals was long ago.

What really needs to happen is they should start going after the people named thus far and the evidence they have under seal, instead of just leaving it under seal. But for her, the time for deal making is over.

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You have secret knowledge of what she might have squirreled away?


No, but where would she have squirreled it away and why wouldn’t she play it now, and if there ARE some secret powerful pedophile ring out there that murdered Epstein, why would they let her reopen the case for a plea deal or give her a chance to name them? Her chance to do this was BEFORE the trial and conviction. Now they’re just going to make her disappear forever, and find the evidence and destroy it on their own time.

This is indeed a theory that you have, that is yours.



Roughly half the country are chasing windmills, searching for fictional basements of pizza parlors to find satanic child porn rings.

But, we have a known, and established in court, actual child sex trafficking racket, but there’s no apparent wider pursuit of their clients? Hmm… I wonder why?..

Could it be… (and just hear me out on this one…) that the clients were all largely wealthy and politically powerful white men? Naaaah! Surely we as a functional society would pursue action even against our best and brightest if they crossed that line…


No, it’s not that, you’re way off base. /s


“…the Defendant is guilty of conspiring with Epstein to entice, transport, and traffic underage girls for sexual abuse”
Well, when you put it that way.

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I say, there’s a sort of . . . echo in here!


Trump rarely wishes someone in such dire straits the best, unless it serves him to do so. I dont of course know for certain that Putin and Maxwell have the goods on Trump, but he’s pretty easy going about trashing allies he thinks he can bully (McCarthy, McConnell, half his Cabinet), but only has kind words for Maxwell and Putin. I don’t know if she tried to flip and was just too compromised and too high a target herself for them to make a deal. Especially with Epstein dead, she is one of the biggest fishes in the whole mess. Hopefully there’s enough evidence to take others down without her help.


That may be overthinking it. Trump likes people who say nice things about him and hates people who don’t. In his mind, Maxwell’s sex crimes and Putin’s war crimes are secondary to the fact that both figures have consistently flattered him.


It shouldn’t. Unfortunately, there are so many victims of sexual assault that excluding them from jury duty would be more biasing than having them serve. Also, given that jury questions are public, it is entirely inappropriate to force anyone to discuss their trauma