Giant rolling rock almost crushes man


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Had he recently exfiltrated a golden idol from a nearby cave?


I bet the local teens call it “Mt. Spankit” because it’s always getting its rocks off.



Too abrupt, no sense of drama.



I need a change of underwear


Pink armadillo lady, can take out a truck, so this is nothing.



Holy Shit? Yeah, it was!


Learn and promote the phrase “mere centimeters”.

Ba a happy mutant, embrace the metric system! :straight_ruler:


Bout 5/8ths of an inch if ya ask me.


“They should charge that rock with basalt!”

“From the speed it was traveling, it looks like that slate was late.”

“Shale Mail! Delivered rain or shine!”





Agreed. Inches are stupid.

Witness the extreme profanity caused by attempting to explain imperial measurements to someone brought up with the metric system:


Gathers no mas?


You may be right. When I first saw the video, I was like, “Oh, schist!”, but then I thought, “A’a, I mustn’t take things for granite.”


Meh. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.


God damn it, I should have come up with “Holy schist!” :wink:


Tough times indeed when that video is a good unicorn chaser for the Playstation rape story…