Giant rubber duck joins tall ships festival off Los Angeles coast



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Looks like a polyurethane duck to me, not a rubber duck.


This article is incomplete without the following song.


We had the duck in Pittsburgh last year - it was interesting to watch just how much people enjoyed looking at it and taking pictures. Young and old…this duck just made people smile.


What those fools don’t realize is that it is Godzilla’s hat, and he’s walking around underneath it waiting to make his move. The tugboat is just a prop!


‘rubber duck accompanies white elephants into harbor’



How are a battleship & a cargo vessel ‘tall ships’ (other than in the ‘they’re f’ing tall’ sense)? Surely the phrase relates to sailing ships?


Howard the Duck?

(80s movie reference)


oh, wow. I saw it when it came out, but if that line was in the film, I’d long forgotten it. maybe subliminally?


Actually I don’t remember if there was a line or a trailer tagline for the movie. Your pic just made me think of that movie. Probably because of that odd scene with Lea Thompson.

I loved that movie as kid, I didn’t had the concept of bad movies back then–everything was awesome.

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