Giant sponge-filled syringe for plugging shotgun wounds


Every Friday evening I pass a sign that says “Cat Hospital” and think to myself, “Self, that is a thing that should not need to exist.” This invention falls into that same category for me.

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It is actually not for shotgun wounds per se as those are a pellet based round with a very small hole… These are for more large caliber rifles/handguns… which usually make a small enter and large exit wound…


It is only a matter of time before these darn kids will be using this to shoot smarties dust up their noses.

Seriously though, this looks like a pretty useful invention, if it works as designed.


Can I order one of these to have around, well, you know… Just in case?

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Cut out the middle man and load a shotgun cartridge with sterile hemostatic laced sponge pellets in place of the buckshot


I think you could probably roll your own with a Nerf gun and some quantity of OB tampons…


A close range shotgun wound does not make small holes.

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My first thought: how long before a kid gets a hold of a bunch of those pill-looking sponges, swallows them, and seals off his or her own airway?


Thank… you! I sense a need for these in Badass Dragons of the Wasteland.

Also, I love the new word you’ve helped me acquire: “radiopaque.”

This was an inappropriately happy-making post for me.


Alternatively, Super Absorbent for those Super Heavy Days

ducks and runs…


Oh, hardy har har.

Now we’re gonna giggle at yer ears.

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By the size of hole in the photo, it would work with 12 gauge slugs, which cops do use along with buck shot.

The article says “gunshot wounds” not “shotgun wounds.” So probably it’s just a typo.

At first glance, I automatically figured that this would be a thing that would be confiscated by the TSA.

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Of course it’s company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a giant sponge-filled syringe… always use the indefinite article. A giant sponge-filled syringe, never your giant sponge-filled syringe.


I wondered what made it specific to shotgun wounds, so I read the source article.


Jesus jumped-up Christ, Cory, you cannot possibly think that “shotgun” and “gunshot” are the same thing. I have read your fiction and I refuse to believe that you are that clueless. What the hell?

So, no, this is not for “shotgun wounds” in particular. The MedGadget article says it’s for gunshot wounds in general; the manufacturer’s page doesn’t even commit that far, saying it’s for “the control of severe bleeding from pelvis or shoulder wounds not amenable to tourniquet application.”


If your kid is in the habit of swallowing double handfuls of random pills, I think you’ve got bigger problems.


Evolution in action.


These are swallowable by a curious kid as well. Better keep them out of households with children.

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