Watch these guys blast stuff with homemade glass shotgun slugs


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I’ve seen that channel before. 99%+ of the stuff people send are completely impractical, it’ still fun to see what they can do. Wish they could get a better slo mo camera.


They do actually have a fairly decent slo-mo camera they’ve been beta testing (along with other youtube channels). I think they’re just not savvy enough with properly setting it up or making sure the shots are clear… often the background or sky makes it hard to discern where some bullets are. Though they shoot out in the open and need to capture the whole travel of the bullet so it’s an inherently difficult scenario to film.

Anyway i actually follow this channel, they’re pretty great. They test a good combination of user-made ammo, user suggestions, crazy stuff they come up with, and rare/uncommon ammo.


I really enjoy TFM’s channel, and it’s almost completely free of political talk. Unfortunately subbing/viewing/liking a few of these vids results in your suggested videos being flooded by racist and sundry Right-wing agitprop vids.


You can X those out of your feed. However I don’t subscribe to their channel since i hate getting way too many video notifications from multiple channels, but i do make it a point to go in once a week or every other week to catch up on their videos.

I do however subscribe to InRange and Forgotten Weapons, both run by the same people (not TFM i mean, other people)… just different focused content that both revolve around guns. And honestly i don’t get any right wing or political channels or videos suggested. At most i get suggestions for other similar content by other people. Your mileage may vary.


Oddly enough, I don’t subscribe to any firearms channels. Though Forgotten Weapons I probably should.

Well I just joined LindeyBeige, but he covers all facets of war fare.


I dont subscribe to LindeyBeige’s videos either amusingly, along with Skallagrim and ScholaGladiatoria. I really am trying to keep the number of daily videos from subscribed channels down to a number that i can manage. TFM, and the guys mentioned above like Lindey i watch occasionally and i’m pretty good about binging their videos when i remember them :slight_smile:

I do highly recommend Forgotten Weapons, i’m not particularly a gun nut but it scratches my itch for beautiful and interesting objects and cool history/trivia. Their InRange channel is modern stuff and even shooting matches, may not be your cup of tea but i like the guys that run the channel so much that i enjoy it a lot.


I’ve watched a dozen or so, and they seem to be more of a history/engineering channel, which happens to focus on guns.

Generally I listen to science or history documentaries in the back ground, though I subscribe to a handful of sciency channels, a few video game history type channels, and a few for humor.

It probably is to a degree, but I like to watch channels I can just listen to not have to look at at work, and then at home I usually watch “real” media.


The thumbnail on the bonus you-tube video may be normal ol’ silly putty in a shotgun shell, but it sure looks like a door-prize from an Oklahoma bachelorette party. I’m just sayin’.


They should name the silly putty ammo The Red Rocket


I think that I saw that silly putty video before…

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