High frame-rate footage of vintage guns malfunctioning

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Well, you gotta keep that.


Ian at Forgotten Weapons is a fun presenter. He shows off a lot of neat historical relics as well as stuff with weird/funky mechanics. Like he got a hold of a G11, the futuristic caseless ammo (made by Nobel) firing rifle from HK. The thing actually worked, but the funding got killed. But how it works and what is inside is pretty mind blowing.

“You’ll never guess what they found in this German rifle!”


Combat training in 1977 @ AP Hill in Virginia, 1903 Springfield rifle weighed near 30 pounds, that’s malfunction #1, from there it all goes down hill…


Give credence to a gun nut’s youtube channel by clicking on his link and increasing the number of views. Thanks, @beschizza

Ian isn’t a gun nut. He’s more of a historian with engineering knowledge.


My bad, I guess. To me, any glorification of guns, even in a historical context, is just unacceptable.


I’m a big fan of Ian, he runs a really great channel and he’s very genuine in his passion for guns and history.


What is this? The standard rifle in 1977 was the M16A1. Even fully loaded, an '03 Springfield weighed a bit shy of 12 pounds. Is there something wrong with your memory or do you just enjoy posting nonsense?

Actually, most of the things shown are ammunition failures. Probably a lot of these scenes are of people shooting cheap junk that they hand-loaded in an attempt to save money. This is especially a problem with people who shoot full-auto weapons. They are notorious for spending money out the wazoo to buy the weapons, and then feeding them knockoff ammo that is practically guaranteed to fail in sometimes spectacular ways.

They still used Springfield for some training back then, IIRC. I believe they technically have some still in the armory. And the National Match version was heavier than the standard one, so 30lb might not be that far of an exaggeration. I’ve used the single shot Winchester .22lr they had in the ROTC building in college, and while I am sure it didn’t actually weigh 30lb, it felt like it.

You must be unfamiliar with Ian, if he says it’s a gas issue (which the gas systems in old guns were not very good a lot of times) it most likely is. He is funded well enough to buy decent ammo, and most of the stuff he shoots is on loan from somewhere.

Although he said he did do that on purpose with that Bond pistol. It has a weird feeding mechanism where the round isn’t pushed into the chamber, it is pulled from the magazine and then fed into the chamber. The force of that pull can actually separate the bullet from the case. He said he purposefully used the uncrimped Blazer ammo just to see it happen.


Let’s get some high frame rate footage of guns being melted into something useful!


I mean, did you get a look at that avatar? That’s why we love him here.


Like nailguns for example. All the fun of shooting a gun, but you can actually do something useful with it :slight_smile:

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Not a bad idea. I would’ve said mould a bludgeon, but I keep falling back into my old caveman ways.

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Guns are useful. Just not for the things you want them to be useful for. Next time a junkie looking for fix money breaks into your house, try fighting him off with a toaster.

Was that the same guy in all those clips? I don’t have sound on this machine.

Yes, it is just a collection of a series of malfunctions he has saved over the years of recording.

While toasters may be the only alternative to guns in USA or other gun-rich countries, citizens of some countries in Europe prefer pepper spray as a less lethal alternative (to guns, I’m not sure about typical lethality of a properly wielded toaster). From both my personal experience and from experience of my friends, pepper spray is highly effective, also for defense against people armed with knifes and people under influence of drugs.


If anybody comes after me in my own home and I’m armed with a toaster, he’s toast.
I have to admit that creative ideas like yours are what we need to eradicate gun use.