Gif Hell


Looking at the site, apparently you can watch the entire VMAs in GIF form if you like.

Some of the GIFs are NSFW, scroll with care.

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Needs more Die Antwoord, or at least lion vs. Lady Gaga gifs.

Good $deity, so much shirtless Bieber. That can’t be good.

GIF anything has been “GIF hell” since the day whatsisname announced the “official” pronunciation.

Welp, looks like teenage girls are attacking the internets once again in force.

What can stop these evil overlords?

8999999999999999. That was the kitten’s post.

Rob, you have an enviable gag reflex to get past that much Bieber. I only made two pages.

Love, JG

Who is the shirtless guy with the sagging pants? He accounts for half the gifs.

Yup. It’s telling that the alt text for every single image is “probably bieber or porn”.

Bieber, Bieber, hardcore anal sex, Bieber…

Best viewed with the slow yacaty sax link playing in the background.

Yup, exactly what I came to post. Might be worth a note in the post to be honest. Just lucky nobody was looking at my screen when it got to the woman masturbating with her legs akimbo.

I’ve never heard of One Direction but evidently they’re a big deal. Russian adaptation of, popular gifs from social network Vkontakte (VK.COM)

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