Giggling woman removes Israeli kidnapping victims' posters in viral video; speculation links her to Redmond mayor

Originally published at: Giggling Woman Caught Removing Kidnap Victims' Posters at USC


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Oh god, I just realized that I saw one of those today when driving past a couple of our local synagogues! :sob:


I really don’t understand the motivation. It just seems callus.

Heck, the kidnapped posters aren’t even just for Israelis which really confuses me. What possible motivation would someone have to tear down a poster advocating for the safe return of a Thai woman kidnapped by Hamas?


In tearing down the posters on camera, this smirking fool has only managed to remind everyone about the thuggery of Hamas – probably the opposite of what she intended. She’s about to learn the hard way about the Streisand Effect.

It’s from the attention-seeking edgelord school of protest: no real understanding of the issues, just self-satisfied virtue signalling, always ending up alienating more people than they convince. See also the Just Stop Oil museum protesters.


I’ve dedicated my professional life to understanding people who do monstrous things. People keep showing me I’ve not even scratched the surface.


As usual, I’ll take that Russian denial as confirmation that they are responsible. They’ve had long experience exporting anti-Semitism, having originated the Protocols.


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It’s a shame that this fool’s mom is about to have her career damaged because of this.


It is normal for me to take a short break from here at this time of year, as the dark nights make it harder to cope with arseholes and bad news.

This year I think I need to take a break from all of reality. Does anyone know of a warm cave where I can stay in the south of England? (don’t reply to that, I’m just venting)


I spend a lot of timing gazing into the abyss and trying to find value. When I find it gazing back, I ground myself with gallows humor, farming, and the gospel according to Fred Rogers. The first isn’t always appropriate. The second isn’t always feasible. The third is a reminder that the light exists even when it’s maybe not easy to see.

I like this one. It’s maybe used too much but it’s not just about you finding the helpers for you to feel safe. It’s about knowing you are one of the helpers and the rest of us here know that and feel more safe because you’re here in the fight with us. The darkness is scary. We’ll still kick its ass.


Now we’ll see how much pull a mayor has in her attempt to keep her daughter at USC.


I’ve learned something very valuable over the last 30 years of my adult life:
20% of people are “helpers” and good. They want to help all people.

40% of people are good if you put them to the test, but mostly just want to “stay out of it”. They are willing to help others, but mostly just want to avoid conflict and stand up only when it doesn’t directly have a significant impact on their lives.

20% of people are generally OK socially, but when prodded or pushed, get mean and nasty, putting certain ideologies and tribal affiliations above all else.

20% of people are absolute pieces of shit. They lack empathy and often manipulate others to do their bidding.


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I think that leaves out the largish percentage people that will do what they think is expected of them. Fox seems to convince them that they should be ANGRY. Most people are capable of good AND evil.


Unfortunately very many are.

My rule of thumb is 5% only 5% of people but they make an outsize impact unfortunately.

And their families, all around the world, who are suffering every single day. And the Israelis frightened every day, and the Israelis being victimised for wanting peace and justice.

I grew up calling the IRA, the loyalists, the British Army, and the RUC terrorists. And they all were*.I also still had sympathy for the frightened boys who should have been home and happy shivering at checkpoints with their hands shaking in fear as they checked papers as there were killings afoot.

Maybe they were the same people, boys, running around town shooting while we lay on the ground in the dark but their fear and lived existence is and was valid.

*particularly the INLA I met some of them only once and they seemed dark


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She just got re-elected for another term as Redmond’s mayor by a landslide.