Singer terrorized on prank TV show by fake terrorists


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WTF? Seriously not funny territory there.


What the fuck is wrong with them?


Is… is this one of those cultural differences westerners don’t understand?

Do… do I have to respect it, or can I condemn it?


I think this is one of those cut-and-dry ‘condemn’ situations



Anything that would scar you for life sure fits in my condemn category.


What do we call this section of the Asshole Safari?


A real Laff Riot.

Cultural disconnect? Let’s look at the humor checklist…

_ Wit? Nope.
– Irony? Not a shred.
– Satire? Not even applicable.
– Slapstick? Noooooooo…
– Parody? Not a chance.
– Pun? Pffft!
– Practical joke? Looks like the intention…but no. No joke.

The only thing I see here is cruelty. I will grant that they might not have thought it through. But it was simply cruel, The young woman will likely suffer some lingering real trauma. And nothing can eliminate the horrific terror she felt during the …uh…skit.

So. Does this call for some cultural understanding? I don’t give a shit. It’s one of the worst things I’ve allowed myself to watch on the digital sewer line.


I wonder if the Paris Hilton lawsuit of Ramez Galal’s prank Egypt TV show was successful. One of the few times I felt sorry for the rich heiress and money generating sex tape celebrity.


If you actually watched that then you are a braver man than I am… just from the description I was like NOPE! Too early in the day for that and really the description is enough.


Also…one of them apologized for “annoying” her. That wasn’t annoyance on display there. It was raw fear.

But then maybe their cultural understanding of “annoy” could be different from mine…


Jesus. Don’t they have lawyers in Egypt???

I normally wouldn’t wish even a fraction of the litigiousness of the US on other countries–but I hope she sues the living shit out of them.


Some where, Ashton Kutcher is shedding a tear, calling it beautiful, and dialing a producer in Hollywood.


There’s another of these where the fake terrorists are in a car, and force another car off the road, with the same humor and hijinx.


I don’t even watch regular prank shows where the jokes are dig/fart/poop stuff (unless the victims are famous. for some reason I don’t mind pranks on famous people.) this is just insane.

The closest to this I’ve ever seen was a Japanese prank show where some guys dressed in black and with masks did break into a sleeping action movie star’s home and shot blanks all over the place and screamed. It was over in like five seconds, and it was a macho man action movie hero, not a woman being confronted by people known to rape and enslave and behead women.

Same program had a bit where they went to another star’s home and tied his feet to a horse and dragged him through a muddy field. I just have to believe this was faked, which made me think the other bit might be fake too.

And frankly I know some North Africans and Egyptians, granted less than a dozen, and I just don’t find it easy to believe that the people I know come from a culture that would find this kind of thing amusing. I guess I’m hoping this was either staged or the locals tear the producers and directors and writers to small bloody shreds.



If it was a Japanese show, it was staged


This reminds me of a video I saw on that channel BB talked about recently:


i’m fairly certain a real crime is being committed here. they are terrorizing and traumatizing her. what a horrible thing to watch.

how could any of them have not immediately stopped the others and said, hey guys this is really fucked up…