Girl Sex 101: "for EVERYone who wants to bone down with chicks, regardless of your gender/orientation."

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I don’t think people need to have sex… It’s a useless activity that has no purpose at all…
It seems that they think they want it, because they are told to want it by peers and mass media…

Yeah! It’s a little known fact sex was considered pointless and not really practiced at all for most of human history before mass broadcasting and advertising campaigns conspired to make it fashionable. People are just that eager to fit in.


It’s OK if you’re not interested in sex. Some people don’t like or want sex and that’s just as reasonable and natural as those who love it. It’s true that the media uses and abuses sex as a way to manipulate us and control our desires. But none of that means that sex itself is useless or unnecessary for all people.


Maybe so, but that’s a whole lot different from wanting to have sex. And getting some when one wants it from someone who also wants it with you can be sweet indeed. But of course, not all people want it, such as those who consider it a “useless activity.”

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Yes. Advertisers use subliminal pictures of abstinence in order to sell it.

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Is there a lot of money in abstinence sales?

Nah - but snark is flying off the shelves.

Actually, there’s a ton of wingnut welfare swag to be had being a
wholesaler of that item. Just no demand on the retail end.


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